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+ How do we use FitnFash?

It is simple! Just select the date to wear and book the available dress of your choosing. You will also get an option of selecting an alternative wear. You can opt to get a free demo of the dress(es)

If your dress is customizable, we will take your measurements the same day as the demo and get the chosen dress tailor-fitted for you. For non-customizable dresses, we will only come and show you the real dress, thus, demo is optional for them

The dress will be delivered one-day in advance of the event date

Adorn your favourite dress on your special occasion. We will come to pick it back after one day of the event date.

+ What is the difference between Product Retail Price and its Rental Price?

The Product Retail Price is how much the dress costs in the market, while its Rental Price is the one time usage amount for that dress. In other words, Rental price is the amount for which we are making that dress available to you for one-time wear.

+ What is the minimum time before which I can book a dress?

Make sure you book a customizable ethnic dress at least 3 days before the event date, this is because we want one day for demo and fitting details, one day for getting it custom-fitted and one day for advance delivery

A non-customizable outfit should ideally be booked 2 days prior to the even date, this is for demo and delivery. In case you don’t need a demo, then 1 day advance booking is also available.

+ What if I accidentally stain or damage a dress?

It totally depends on the kind of damage done to it. If it is just a regular damage which is expected with a wear, like a button/sequin/thread falling off, we will not charge anything from you and the entire security deposit will be refunded. But for a substantial loss, like staining beyond repair or tearing the dress, all of the security deposit will be charged.

+ How do you clean the outfit before it arrives?

Each and every dress, once picked back from a customer is sent for hygiene wash and dry-cleaning. No dress is shown available for booking without being dry-cleaned first.

+ Can I make cash payments for booking a dress with FitnFash?

No, we only accept online modes of payment: debit/credit card and netbanking.

+ How long do I get to keep the outfit?

The booked dress will be delivered to you one day before the event date. And the pick-up is arranged one day after the event date.

+ What if I need an outfit for a longer period?

We have a fixed period of dress locking with a customer. But if there is a special need, you can call us and we will try our best to accommodate your request to increase the time period.

+ What if I still end up with an outfit that doesn’t fit me?

Non-customizable ethnic and Western wear comes with a standard size chart and the dress of selected size will be delivered to you

In case of customizable ethnic wear, if you are not satisfied with the fittings, you can raise alarm at the time of delivery and write back to our customer care at We will make sure that we get the dress fitted again and deliver it back on or before the event date.

+ What if I change my mind after making a booking? Can I cancel it?

Yes you can cancel it anytime before the demo is completed. Once the demo is completed, and you attempt to cancel it, then we will charge you a minimum cancellation fee, as per our policy.

+ Will my money be refunded for a cancelled order?

All your money will be refunded if the booking is cancelled before the demo of the dress is completed. If you cancel your booking after we have completed a demo, then a minimum cancellation charges will be levied on you and the rest of the money will be refunded to your account.

+ What if I want to change the event date (for which the booking has already been made)?

You can cancel your existing order and make a fresh booking for the new event date. Although in such a case there is a possibility that the same dress might not be available for that day!

+ What time will my outfit reach me?

The delivery boy will contact you and attempt the dress delivery one day prior to the event date at the time of your convenience.

+ How do I return my outfit?

The Pick-up boy will contact you and attempt to pick the dress one day after the event date at the time of your convenience.

+ Can my outfit be picked back from another address (to which it wasn’t initially booked)?

Yes, it is possible. Mark a mail to our customer care mentioning your Order number and new pick up address at least one day in advance. We will arrange it.

+ Can I reschedule delivery?

This is not possible since the delivery of a dress is related to its event date. And to change your event date you have to cancel your existing order and create a new order.

+ What is the purpose of Demo of dress(es)?

We schedule demo of the booked dress and the alternative wear mainly for the following reasons: So you have a feel of the fabric and how it looks. So you can select between the chosen dress and alternative wear. In case of customizable outfit, we will take your measurements and deliver the finished dress.

+ What if the alternative wear i choose has a higher price than the main dress and I choose to go for alternate wear after demo?

If you choose to go for alternative wear with a higher price then you can avail it for delivery only after online payment of the difference in amount.